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"Pain teaches you to help others through it" - cwpoet



Push Past Past Pain is your non-conventional, multi-trauma support group, that provides women with a safe space to aid them in their healing. We aim to help women of color push past the past pain of certain or multiple traumas they have experienced and/or dealing with. Specifically, these traumas include Fear, Rape, Abuse, Infant/Pregnancy loss, and Loss due to grief of loved ones or sense of self.  


For the purpose of community and empowerment, Push Past Past Pain is a support group that is peer-operated and ran. We also function as a resource/directory to licensed mental health practices and professionals for both women and men who will need individualized support and clinical help.


Push Past Past Pain also uses faith as its foundation through a Christian context as we believe spirituality is also imperative to one’s mental health and journey to healing. It is important to note: we recognize different systems of faith and spiritual beliefs and are not here to persuade anyone about a particular religion or spiritual belief. In our discussions, we may speak from a conviction or confidence in our own faith which helps to inspire and empower us on our journey through this life in many ways. 

Why do we care about your healing?

PURPOSE.  A famous quote from Chadwick Boseman once said, “the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.” Your struggles are your pain, and in pain, we believe there is purpose. We believe if you have breath, there is a purpose for your life and a purpose to fulfill here on earth. Sometimes our pain makes us lose sight of that fact and all we begin to see is fog. You then begin to question if you are merely existing in the world or living in your purpose.


In healing, we believe that in order to receive the pleasantries that life has to offer and a peace that surpasses all understanding, we have to release those things of which may be holding us back; our pain. It is our mission that through this method the fog will begin to clear so that you can become the best version of who is meant to be and fulfill your purpose!

The Rapper Nas said it best “I know I can, be what I want to be, and if I work hard at it, I can be where I want to be”. 


Healing is a journey.
Support Group Meetings


Through online support meetings via ZOOM, we serve as an open platform for women to be vulnerable, transparent, supportive in sharing their story and finding the strength and power in speaking their truth. 


Although our name says Push Past, PAST Pain- to refer to those suffering in silence who never dealt with the traumas of their past, please note that this does NOT exclude those who have CURRENT pain and are currently going through situations or experiencing these issues.

The Facilitators of this support group are NOT licensed medical professionals. We are not doctors nor therapists. We are just like you. We have lived experience, gone through the pain, and have done the work to get to a place of recovery in healing and most importantly, self-love. We empathize and sympathize with all that you may be going through, and we are here to assure you that you are NOT alone. We are in this together.




Support meetings are NOT facilitated by therapists or doctors. However, to ensure we are offering the best support possible to our participants, Push Past Past Pain Support Group has a diverse group of professionals that serve as our point of contact to mental health/wellness/spiritual services. These professionals also serve as our advisory board which offers invaluable guidance to our team. If there are talks of suicide (actively), signs of self-harm, or causing harm to others we are mandated to report it and connect you to a licensed medical professional. Our Spiritual Counsel serves to provide intercessory prayer and counsel for anyone that is wavering in the area of their faith without the commitment and structure to an organization such as a church. Our Support Meetings CANNOT replace professional help.



Each specific trauma group meets twice a month in their week. These meetings are held on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at 8 pm for 1-2 hours.




(DAY 2)

*Loss Trauma Group Exception

We believe once you acknowledge and seek help for healing it is because our pain has caused us to be frail in our mindset and feel broken. However, in our structure, we promote the basis of healing (which is self-love) from the acronym of our Trauma Groups. 

F.R.A.I.L stands for:

For healing



I am to 

Love myself first.







(Sexual harassment/Sexual Abuse)




(Mental, Emotional, Verbal, Physical)




Topics of Discusson


Before registering to attend a support group meeting please be sure to review the rules and regulations. By submitting a registration you are agreeing to abide by such guidelines. Anyone who violates these guidelines will be expelled and blocked from Push Past Past Pain, EXPEDITIOUSLY

Please click on a topic of interest below to complete the registration process.

Due to our facilitator participant ratio, sessions are limited to 10 participants. In the event that a session is fully booked upon registering, please send us an email to with your meeting of interest to be placed on the waitlist. Once accommodations have been made we will be in contact.

Connect With Us

We'd love to see and hear from you outside of our support group meetings! Check out our weekly interactive discussions and topics we'll bring to the table below.


Engage with us

Join our Instagram for weekly/daily content and communications for our support group meeting information. (registration, cancellations, time/date changes etc.)


Wellness Wednesdays

We use this day to list self-care tips as it pertains to the wellness of the mind, body, and soul and highlight life/wellness coaches. We will also have wellness item giveaways on this day.  


MENtal Health Mondays

Because Man Crush Mondays just got replaced with men we can crush on in the fields of healing work. Be it Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Wellness, & Divinity. We use this day to highlight them as a resource to our Kings & Brothers. Men need healing too! Who better to relate to a man than one?

We're here to support our men too!


Therapy Thursdays

Because sometimes…. life can be harder than we thought, and we need to seek help from a licensed clinical professional for additional support or individualized sessions. We use this day to highlight therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and their respected therapy services/practices.


Testimony / Talk About It Tuesdays

Are you someone that may have gone through some of these situations and have healed? 

Have you found the silver lining and learned lessons in your pain? 

Come testify! Tell your Tale and Share Your Story & let’s help to encourage someone else.

This day is used for people to submit their testimonies and share their stories publicly without having to join in on a support group meeting.


Free Fridays

Because Fridays are for YOU! Cheers to the weekend!

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