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We'd love to see and hear from you outside of our support group meetings!

Check out our weekly interactive discussions and topics we'll bring to the table below.

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Join our Instagram for weekly/daily content and communications for our support group meeting information. (registration, cancellations, time/date changes etc.)


Wellness Wednesdays

We use this day to list self-care tips as it pertains to the wellness of the mind, body, and soul and highlight life/wellness coaches.


We will also have wellness item giveaways on this day.  


MENtal Health Mondays

Because Man Crush Mondays just got replaced with men we can crush on in the fields of healing work.


Be it Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Wellness, & Divinity. We use this day to highlight them as a resource to our Kings & Brothers. Men need healing too! Who better to relate to a man than one?

We're here to support our men too!


Therapy Thursdays

Because sometimes…. life can be harder than we thought, and we need to seek help from a licensed clinical professional for additional support or individualized sessions. We use this day to highlight therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and their respected therapy services/practices.


Testimony / Talk About It Tuesdays

Are you someone that may have gone through some of these situations and have healed? 

Have you found the silver lining and learned lessons in your pain? 

Come testify! Tell your Tale and Share Your Story & let’s help to encourage someone else.

This day is used for people to submit their testimonies and share their stories publicly without having to join in on a support group meeting.


Free Fridays

Because Fridays are for YOU! Cheers to the weekend!

Push Past Past Pain Support Group is A 501 (c)(3) approved Public Charity Non-Profit Organization


Our support group is a registered resource guide under the Boris L. Henson Foundation founded by actress Taraji P. Henson. Click the button below to view more information.

Join Us for our
Wellness Giveaways!
Stay tuned to our Instagram page for interactive fun! Feel free to follow us on Facebook as well. We will have monthly giveaways of wellness items and self-care treats for participants and for both our women and men followers!

Rules to the giveaway will be mentioned in the post captions.
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