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Nakeba O. McKoy - Founder

Certified Mental Health First Aid USA

Nakeba started Push Past Pain Past after receiving countless amounts of comments, messages, requests, and suggestions to start a support group in response to the disclosure and showcase of traumas she encountered over the course of her life and the need for this platform for others to do the same. From her experience, she realized that there were only focused support groups and not just one that can adhere to or include multiple traumas one might of experienced. 

Hence, the Push Past Past Pain Multi Trauma support group was born.

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Nakeba’s story briefly touches on her fear-based disorder called Autophobia (fear of being alone), being a survivor of rape, having dealt with long term mental/emotional abuse from a relationship along with a domestic incident, making the unavoidable decision to abort her pregnancy at 16 weeks due to a very rare disorder called Anencephaly that her baby had, coping with the grief of loved ones and lastly figuring out what it meant to find herself again after losing sight of who she was. 

Her story not only showed her ability to be strong, open, vulnerable, and bold to the public but also served as a testament to the lessons learned and the silver lining she found in her pain in order to heal. She hoped to use her experiences to inspire and motivate others in similar circumstances. Most notably, Nakeba wanted to give reverence to her faith in which helped her to get through it all, along with the support of her friends and family. 

As a certified mental health first aid, Nakeba is trained to provide initial help to people experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders.  Her day to day work includes her 9-5 as a Financial Aid Counselor at Pace University, where she is also a current student and Master’s candidate in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs program, class of 2022.


Nakeba enjoys listening to Soca music in her free time and serves as a music promotion ambassador as it relates to the West Indian/Caribbean culture, decorating, spending time with her dogs and friends, wining & dining at various restaurants, exploring adventurous activities, inspiring/encouraging individuals, and supporting her church where she is a member at Hope City Church in Brooklyn, NY.

In her free time, Chantel enjoys taking part in outreach programs, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. After encountering her fair share of first-hand experiences with life's struggles and setbacks, she took the necessary steps to rediscover and renew herself. She aspires to expand her pursuits by helping others navigate through their own restoration process by focusing on the growth, healing, and empowerment of women as a Lead Facilitator at Push Past, Past Pain multi-trauma support group.

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Chantel Peters — Lead Facilitator

Having had the opportunity to live in multiple different regions of the country, Chantel gained a deep interest in the patterns of human behavior and societal influence. As a Christian, she found peace and purpose in serving others since childhood. Her interests in human behavior and passion for people have culminated in over 10 years of volunteer experience with various organizations, including global missionary work.


In addition to serving others, she is passionate about healthcare. She plans to use her educational pursuits as a Bioinformatician to help develop and enhance healthcare treatment options for immunocompromised patients.

Samura Jones — Lead Facilitator

Samura Jones is multi-faceted wearing hats within the community programming, college admissions, and events activation fields. she is certified in advanced leadership and mental health aid. As a professional certified in EQi 2.0 and EQi 3.60, her collective work is rooted in emotional intelligence as she guides herself, and others, through a space of healing. 

Currently, Samura is the Program Director of HEADz Inc’s Hope Market program, which provides free and fresh produce for families within food deserts.

 In only two years, Samura led her team to feed over 50,000 people with over 167,000 meals. In addition, she is a faithful servant for Hope City Church — where she is also a proud member — and serves as the Master of Social Work Graduate Admission Counselor at Nyack College.  At Nyack, Samura is in pursuit of her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. 

As a rape survivor and a woman living with pregnancy loss & PCOS, her life is a testament of God’s grace and glory. She lives out the emotional empowerment of acknowledging the hurt, claiming healing, and living as a new creation. She is the beautiful wife of web developer and producer Leighton Jones and mother of her 15-year-old son and Anime artist Damitrius.

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Tiffany Herbert — Lead Facilitator

Curator and Founder of BLACK WELLNESS AFFAIR™️

Tiffany Herbert is a Black Mental Health Advocate. Through her initiative the “BLACK WELLNESS AFFAIR™️”, she aims to raise awareness and funds for the black community, whom lacks support from the majority of society in regards to black mental health & wellness. The goal is to have a safe space to help educate, fundraise, and donate to help those in need. 

“Talking about Mental Health is the new Black”, Tiffany looks to start those hard conversations and share stories that help grow and build up one another instead of suffering in silence. 

With this platform, along with BWA, Tiffany hopes to shed some light & erase some of the stigma against mental health in the black community.


In pursuit of peace and happiness, Tiffany enjoys activities that will stimulate her growth and alleviate stress such as hiking, bicycling, and painting outdoors. She cherishes spending time with friends and family whether it’s vacationing or celebrating each other’s lives. She strives to stay centered and maintain balance through this personal accomplishment called LIFE.

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