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"Pain teaches you to help others through it" - cwpoet




Who Are We?

Push Past Past Pain Support Group is your non-conventional, multi-trauma support group for women of color. We are a 501 (c)(3) approved Public Charity Non-Profit Organization, and a registered resource guide under the Boris L. Henson Foundation.
Our aim is to promote the healing and empowerment of women by providing a safe space to discuss certain or multiple traumas they have experienced and/or currently dealing with.

You don't have to struggle in silence. The support you seek is just a click away.


Let Us Help You

 On Your Healing Journey

Virtual Support Group Sessions

Join us in our support group meetings held weekly via ZOOM. 

National Helpline


Looking for mental health resources? Check out the National Help Hotline by clicking the link below.

Spiritual Counseling

In need of prayer? Evangelist Ellen is here for your support.


Visit our blog to read testimonies from people like you. 

Meet The Team

Founder, Advisory Board, Lead Facilitators
The Scenes

Push Past Past Pain Support Group is peer-operated and ran. Our team of Facilitators are NOT licensed medical professionals. We are not doctors nor therapists;

we are just like you. 

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Interested in joining our team?

Become a Facilitator!

They say you'll know you have healed once you are able to tell your story without crying. Healing doesn't mean that the damage never existed. It means that the damage no longer controls your life.

If you feel these statements relate and describe where you are in your journey and if you're looking to add purpose to your purpose, come volunteer your time and join our team as a facilitator!

Please complete the form with a brief synopsis of yourself and why you would like to join.


Thanks for your interest!

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"Thank you for having me join! I enjoyed the group session, as this was my first experience in that type of setting- especially on zoom. I found it helpful to be able to relate to the ladies' stories, and I hope that by sharing my story I was able to provide a feeling of "togetherness", as well as emphasize that we are not alone and that we are strong. I understand that it was the first session, hopefully, in the future sessions, more people are able to join as I think this is valuable. Additionally, if there are future sessions for topics of abuse, domestic violence, re-building yourself  after, recognizing your worth, or topics along that realm- will you let me know as I would love to join."

— Rocio H.

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