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Advisory Board


Dr. Tiarra Currie, Ph.D 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Postdoctoral Forensic Psychology Fellow at St Elizabeth’s Hospital 


Therapist and Evaluator at Your Neighborhood Clinic, Adjunct Instructor at Independence University Online school in Utah 


Mental Health Speaker 

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Khira N. Fryar, LCSW, MFT

Owner and Lead Therapist of Just Speak Freely Therapy Services, PLLC


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Amber Lee Forrester,

The Flow Coach

Founder of Quartz Wellness Collective 

Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Self- Help Expert, Life Coach & Trainer 

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Arron Muller, LCSW

Co-owner of Life Matters Psychological Services NYC LLC

Licensed Social Worker & Therapist, Speaker, Mental Health Expert, Advocate for Black Kings Need Therapy Too


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Evangelist Ellen Harris-Harvey 

Spiritual Counsel

Founder of Spiritual Connections Outreach Ministry, Inc.


“Get Connected to God and Stay Connected to Each Other!”


Spiritual Connections… Let's Stay Connected!

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Special thanks to Deepanshi Gulati & Rain on Me Support Group of London, UK

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